About Us

About Us

I borrowed $300 from my Dad to launch my first product which was a link-less Magnetic Bracelet that I sold for $50 each, I made a video of tricks I could do with the bracelet and a month later it blew up on YouTube. That was from 2002 to 2006, before Kickstarter, before Alibaba and YouTube was still "new".

Dynomighty began when I borrowed $300 to invent my first product a link-less Magnetic Bracelet it blew up on YouTube and quit my day job. (That was 15 years ago)

I was an artist at the time and I had an exhibition of my photography and performance art where I had left samples of the bracelet with the receptionist of the gallery.

The bracelet sold out but I had no sales of my art, this convinced me to take a shot at launching Dynomighty as a full time gig. I felt like this was my one shot to start a business and escape the 9-to-5 life and I went for it. 



Leaving the certainty of a day job pushed me to invent more products like Mighty Wallets® and I was always experimenting in ways to better sell, market and distribute my products. In December of 2006 my first YouTube video, the Magnetic Bracelet Video, became a viral hit and was featured on the main page of YouTube launching my company into international recognition. 

I hope this story can inspire others who seek to broaden their own horizons, challenge their own comfort zones and who intuitively feel a need to BE MIGHTY!

Our Team

Josh Wilcox

Josh Wilcox

Sales & Operations
Terrence Kelleman

Terrence Kelleman

Inventor / Founder
Brenda Horton

Brenda Horton

Sales Manager & AR

Our History


Having discovering some discarded magnets in the trash I placed them out on my desk until they all snapped together giving me the idea for the "Bandoleer Magnetic Bracelet" which was my first product and became a viral hit on YouTube.


Being facinated with Tyvek® I wanted to use the material in a new product and found people making duct-tape wallets online and then had the idea to create a stitch-less Tyvek® wallet but faced serious challenges getting it produced.


My first ever video posted to YouTube became a viral hit one month after posting it. I sold more units in 2 months than I had in the entire previous year. Eventually becoming a case study for YouTube as an example of one of the pioneers of video marketing.


The redesign of the Tyvek® Wallet happened in my office just one day before my first daughter was born.


Dynomighty Case Studies; YouTube 2010, Recognized as a pioneer of innovative online video marketing. 2012 Google TV Ads, One of the first TV Ads in the United States to have a QR code encouraging viewers to "Pause it, Scan it and Get it" by directly buying on their smart phones.

Awarded the Inc's Fastest Growing companies award three years in a row from 2011 to 2013 from the rapid growth and sales of the Mighty Wallet Google TV Ads and YouTube promoted video success.





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