30 Units - (REFILL restock units) RFID Blocking Mighty Card

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The Mighty Card - the most advanced RFID Protection with Active Jamming Technology will let you get rid of your rfid resistant wallet forever

The Mighty Card has an internal circuitry that is activated when in proximity to R.F.I.D.  signals. The Mighty Card creates its own scrambled  R.F.I.D. signal that makes it impossible for card readers to skim. No Battery Required.

30 RFID blocking Mighty Cards to refill your Display.

Put the display right at checkout and demonstrate the power of the Mighty Card to block the RFID signals from your credit cards. 

DEMO INSTRUCTIONS: Hold the Mighty Card next to an RFID enabled card and try to "Tap to Pay". The Mighty Card blocks all signals from being transmitted = Sold!

Put one in any wallet or purse to give you an added peace of mind if RFID skimming is a concern of yours. 

Note: RFID chipped cards have been shown to add additional security to credit cards making them virtually impossible to duplicate over the Mag Stripe style alone. However many consumers still seek this added protection. 

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